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SAINT-TROPEZ's Harbour Master

Technical information

POSITION: 43°16’,3N – 006°38,0E

TEL : +33 (0)4 94 56 68 70


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Anchorage or dock maximum draft (m): No limitation
Approach: Easy access
Distance anchorage - dock: 1 nautical mile
Docking place tenders: Quai de l'Epi - Tender's Pier
Services: Multilingual hostesses, free brochures, Phone, Restrooms
Distance harbor - city center (m): 100 m
Anchorage Information
Secure anchorage(s) position Lat./Lont. 500/600 m
Red light house
Min depth of anchorage 15 m
Type of bottom Sand
Wind current N/W (Mistral) and E
General slope of bottom  
Distance to tender landing dock 1 nautical mile
Minimum depth of channel or fairway to tender dock 6 m
Minimum depth of water at tender dock 2 m
Tendering Information
Distance to tender landing dock from anchorage 1 nautical mile
Number of tender berths (for 150 person ship tenders) 1 + 1
Type of Bitts/bollards at tender berth Bollards
Height of tender dock above the water at low and high tide 2 m
Describe the way passengers get on/off the tenders (are their steps, etc?) Easy access
Are the tender areas wheel chair accessible ? Yes