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A land of elegance

Frejus, located in Provence in the Var region department of Var, was the very first naval base in the Mediterranean in the days of the Ancient Romans, as a major port during the Roman Empire and a bishopric since the end of the Roman period. Frejus shares 2000 years of history with where visitors as they can explore the infinite diversity of the town's main historical buildings, a reminder of each of the periods in of its history.

Fréjus, a town and and area of artistic, architerctural and historical interest.

Traces of ancient Roman and Medieval times create a prestigious setting that includes a Roman Arena, an aqueduct, a Roma theatre, an archeological museum...

In Fréjus, art and tradition live side by side in harmony.

From pavement cafes to the friendly Provencal market, from the warm ambiance of the rooms in the Local History Museum, there's a whole introduction to the Provencal lifestyle!

Wildell equipped for families, with sporty beaches blessed by the sun, small wind and see an ice sea breeze, spray Fréjus will seduce everybody your customers.

Discover the Art & Craft tour of the historic old town: when people and art meet. Artist's Studios welcome visitors.

This prosperous town, steeped in emotion and history, is now a centre for Art and culture, in at the heart of the Riviera, an ideal holiday destination with plenty of things to see an do without ever losing that sense of subtelty.