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Le Lavandou, a fishing village

A resort with 12 beaches and twelve sand types!

This former fishing village features no less than 12 kilometers of coast and 12 sandy beaches all of different colours! Its fountain itinerary (the town is also home to 14 fountains!) is a good way to get to know the resort and appreciate its quality lifestyle and welcome. At the eart of the village, along shaded alleys in granite pavements, you will meet with local people and find some local arts & crafts boutiques. Stopping by the "Place Reyer" square, you will be able to see the local people playing their favourite game: "La pétanque" and drinking a fresh glass of Rosé!

Walking towards the marina where the local "pointus" traditional fishing boats are still moored, you will have a feeling of an indescribable wellbeing. The population of Lavandourains take a unique delight in one thing: welcom people from all over the world, offer them the best glod that can found in the whole world : sunshine sand and sea!

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